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Community Allotments | A Vision of Britain

Community Allotments

South East organic community gardens

Anne Redelinghuys leads the allotments programme, specialising in sensory gardens and growing organic produce.  Much of this work is done by volunteers from the local community working alongside careers and special needs people.

Digging, planting, growing and eating your own produce keeps you fit and stimulates mental wellbeing as well as providing fresh products to eat. Featured in a book on Active Health for over 50″s which is now available on this site. Active Health 50 Plus…

Filling the raised beds with fresh soil

Apple produce

Volunteers at work

Recycling organic waste

Preparing a new vegetable plot

Construction of poly tunnel

Save our bees

Plenty of new growth at the allotment site

Join our organic gardens community

Contact us to join A Vision of Britain and benefit from the organic community gardens we undertake in the Epping Forest District