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Health and Safety | A Vision of Britain

Health and Safety

A Vision of Britain CIC is committed to safeguarding and promoting the health and safety of its employees, contractors’ employees and of all those, including members of the public, who may be affected by our work.

The Company recognises the importance of discharging all its statutory obligations and duties, placing health and safety as a priority above other business objectives.

The minimum health and safety standards acceptable to us are those required by relevant legislation and authoritative guidance. All reasonably practicable steps will be taken to meet and enhance these requirements.

The Board of Directors of A Vision of Britain CIC fully endorse this Policy. They will ensure that a documented Health & Safety Management System (SMS) is maintained, containing the arrangements and organisational details of how these requirements will be achieved. The Board will ensure that the SMS is periodically reviewed to ensure it remains legally compliant, achievable, relevant and credible.

The SMS is based upon established and published good practice and describes how the Company:

• Implements its policy on Health & Safety (and consequent environment issues)

• Identifies, assesses and controls risk

• Plans safety into its operations

• Checks operations and implements any necessary corrective actions

• Provides adequate resources

• Sets goals and targets

• Involves the workforce

• Implements and operates systems and procedures

• Investigates adverse incidents and draws up preventative actions

• Ensures the Management System is complied with

Continual improvement will be achieved by effective implementation of the above. Everyone working for A Vision of Britain CIC is required to support and promote this Policy and comply with the requirements and duties contained in the SMS.