Environmental Policy

Environmental management within A Vision of Britain CIC is operated in conjunction with our Quality Assurance procedures.

A Vision of Britain CIC does not directly operate in industries where there is a potential for serious industrial pollution. During the manufacturing of our main products, CD’s, DVD’s and photographs, we do things that have an impact on the environment in a number of ways, typically with the creation and need for disposal of waste materials and packaging. In our offices we have a lower impact on the environment.

A Vision of Britain CIC is committed to continual improvement of its environmental performance, including regulatory compliance, prevention of pollution and effective resource management and achieves this by setting clear environmental objectives and regularly monitoring progress against them by the implementation of environmental management programs, audits and reviews.

In particular, A Vision of Britain CIC will:

• Consider the efficient use of energy, water and raw materials, the sustainable use of renewable resources and the reduction of adverse environmental impacts so far as is reasonably practicable.

• Contribute to the conservation and protection of the natural and built environment wherever possible in the course of our work.

• Wherever reasonably practicable, adopt pollution-reducing technologies, processes and practices, employing environmentally sound waste management techniques such as source reduction and improved specification, re-use, re-cycling and safe disposal.

• Ensure that we comply with all relevant European, National International, TUV and local environmental regulations, working closely and positively with the regulatory agencies and other interested parties as appropriate.

• Identify areas of particular environmental risk and, in co-operation with our Suppliers, Contractors, Distributors and Dealers, the relevant external agencies and local community to prepare measures to mitigate those risks and respond to any emergency.

• Regularly measure key aspects of our environmental performance.

• Have particular regard to this policy in the procurement, operation, maintenance and disposal of our vehicles, machinery and other plant.

• Promote environmental awareness among all our staff and encourage their involvement and suggestions regarding environmental performance.

• Provide staff with appropriate levels of environmental training, through staff induction procedures and environmental awareness training, in order to create an environmentally aware workforce with an interest in environmental issues and performance.

• Expect our business partners, sub-contractors and suppliers to share our concern for the environment and to work with us in identifying and applying best practice.

• Influence the environmental performance of our business partners, subcontractors and suppliers by working with them to achieve the same environmental standards as ours, and to exchange environmental concerns to our mutual benefits.

Responsibility for implementation of this policy and the necessary resource allocation rests with the Managing Director supported by the other Directors and Senior Management. Further responsibilities are designated to onsite Supervisors, who are trained to assess environmental risks and issues.

Communication and Review of the Environmental Policy
The latest revision of this policy will be displayed on notice boards or otherwise brought to the attention of all employees. It will also be brought to the attention of other stakeholders, including business partners, contractors and suppliers.

This policy is revised from time to time to reflect operational needs, regulatory issues, and to accommodate constructive input from members of our staff.

Tricia Moxey
Managing Director
21st May 2009
Review Date: 21st May 2010


A Vision of Britain CIC is committed to the protection and enhancement of the environment. It is the Policy of the Company to improve the environmental performance of its operations/activities.

It is the objective of the Company to:

• Continually strive for improvement in its environmental performance.

• Proactively pursue the minimisation of environmental impacts associated with its operations/ activities.

• Endeavour to eliminate the production of polluting emissions into the environment.

• Take proactive measures to protect and preserve wildlife / flora and their natural habitats

• Comply with environmental legislation, regulations and codes of practice pertinent to its
operations/activities. In the absence of such legislation/regulation/codes, appropriate standards shall be developed/applied.

• Set objectives and targets and review and revise them regularly with the aim of continual im provement in environmental performance.

• Appropriate employee training and instruction in sound environmental practice.

• A Vision of Britain CIC shall participate in open consultation with interested stakeholders.